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Short review of WhoHack #2

2012-03-30 @ Rijeka, Croatia

Just like the first time, everybody gathered in caffe bar Fusion, right next to the hackathon classroom. Drinks and snacks were free but to our surprise, not consumed as much as we expected. There was a problem with ideas again, we need to think of a way to help you find a great idea to build on WhoHack #03; maybe prepare some cool but easy to build list of ideas and post them on a wall (a physical one).

We had somewhere over 15 people (developers and non-developers) working on something. Check the gallery and some of the projects here.


made by Edi Budimilic & Dino Budimilic with some help from Marin Usalj
iPhone app for checking live soccer scores. App is finished and will be on the Apple App Store within a month.

CodeAtSix iPhone app
made by Marin Usalj
It’s an iPhone app for tracking and signing up to next CodeAtSix events. Full source can be found here:

Hello World
made by Aleksandar Zgonjan
Android app with “hello [your-name]” text :) Full description and review of the WhoHack #02 can be found on his blog here. App can be downloaded here.

made by Aleksandar Popic & Domenika Rus
Graphical function plotter.

Free mobile SMS
made by Mario Ganjanic
Mobile web app for sending world wide free sms messages. You can try it here:

Soccer - Monitoring results
made by Marko Blazekovic
HTML5 app for all mobile platforms for tracking various sport results. Just open the webapp on your mobile device here:

That’s it! We have some more apps done by other developers but no files or websites to show. Keep following us! Sometime before the summer kicks in we expect even more developers on WhoHack #03 with sponsors and maybe some gifts for the winners. Cheers!


Original anouncement

New hackathon but everything different; what’s much more interesting this time is the theme of the event and the openness. Yes, this time WhoHack is open for everyone, actually up to 42 ninja developers :) and don’t worry about getting thirsty or hungry, we have you covered all day with free snacks, drinks, lunch and supper.

All the finished projects will be published on, promoted via WhoAPI Blog and some domestic media.

Mobile application
(iOS, Android, Windows Phone, non-native: JS/HTML5/Canvas)

Get your idea to life while having fun. Take anything you could build in 10 hours or less using any skills you have. It can be a social app for finding developers :), simple touch based game, business app or even the mobile version of the desktop size website - but must be something cool ;)

- business mentoring by the experts from STeP Ri
- help with promoting and sharing experience from WhoAPI team
- free ticket to the Cloud & domaining event in Rijeka on June 16th 2012.

Event date: 30.03.2012. (Friday)
Location: Science and technology park in Rijeka, Croatia (1st floor)
Official hashtag: #whohack
Requirement: Bring your own equipment for development

Are you coming? Register here!
Event is free and open to everyone.

10:00 - coffee & chit chat in Caffe bar Fusion (1st floor)
11:00 - hacking.start();
13:00 - lunch (free food at campus restaurant)
14:00 - hacking.continue();
18:00 - evening break with free pizza for everyone
21:00 - deadline & publishing finished work

Don’t forget we’re still small. We expect you to make this event an awesome one so we can organize something even better next time.

» Register here to participate at WhoHack #02 
Space is limited, so we need you to do this, thanks ;)

This event is backed by Enterprise Europe Network in cooperation with Science and technology park in Rijeka.