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WhoHack #4

2014-07-20 (Sunday) @ Startup Incubator, Rijeka, Croatia

We've done it again! Surprised everybody with something crazy and new which kinda feels it could be our tagline for future events. :)

So what was the big surprise? The picture below could speak for itself. With the help of awesome team and great sponsors we managed to award everybody, and not just the applied participants (read: hackers) but the team too. Everybody got a gadget of some sort. We had 18 valuable tablets, 6 WiFi printers, 3 big speaker sets, 5 travel irons (yes, the appliance that irons your clothes) and a Power Ranger action figure :)

Short promo made by Robert Lesac shows just a tiny part of the atmosphere:

WhoHack Clock Hacking started early at 9am with a deadline set to 7pm but prolonged to 7:30pm to give that missing 30 minutes some teams really needed. :) All rooms were equipped with a special clock made by Izvorka Jurić just for this hackathon. With a total of 24 hackers, we concluded the hackathon with 8 games.

Since everybody is a winner, here are the selected top few:

#1 Mega Jump Arena
Team: Nikola Jokić, Andrej Kovačević
Prize: 2x Androd tablets (provided by LogIN and Mikronis)

Multi-player bunny hop action platformer :)
» Play Mega Jump Arena right here!

#2 Car'o'holic
Team: Robert Sucic, Paolo Srebovt, Valinea Vinger
Prize: 3x Androd tablets (provided by Mikronis)

Goal of this game is to drink, drive and avoid the cops before the time runs out. :)

#3 Ice Cream Saga
Team: Sanjin Celeski, Marko Blažeković
Prize: 2x Androd tablets (provided by Bouxtie)

Pile up the ice cream as much as you can without wasting any :)

#4&5 Bar Fight
Team: Aleksandar Toplek, Viktor Jurcic, Mario Novak
Prize: 3x Androd tablets (provided by Bouxtie)

Innovative mind banding game. The guys behind the game describe it as "Left or right, I ask you." :)

#4&5 Oboji se
Team: Krešimir Antolić, Darko Kukovec, Ivan Lucin,
Petar Slovic, Mihael Safaric
Prize: 5x Androd tablets (provided by Bouxtie)

Play with your friends and find the target color by moving your phone.
Links: Play now on your smartphone, Source code


Everybody else got all sorts of gadgets provided by Bouxtie.

We're preparing something very different and much more crazy for the next big hackathon. Follow us on Facebook if you want to hear more!

One more thing. Here's a cool timelapse video made by Robert Lesac, guy that took care of all the photo and video recording on the event.


Original announcement

Let's do and learn something new, cool & fun this time!

The theme of the WhoHack #4 mini-hackathon is "game development", happening on Sunday, 20th of July. Come up with an idea that you can accomplish in 10 hours using your programming and design skills. It can be anything that runs on any plaftorm like a smartphone, desktop computer, game console or even the smartwatch for what we care (that would be cool though).

We urge you to make a simple game. Please keep your ideas simple and doable in 10 hours. We suggest you do something like a Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump, Pong, TicTacToe or whatever as long as it's super-simple, interesting (don't just copy what already exists, make it fun or just 'funny') and new in any way :)

Best teams will be awarded with Android tablets as a great motivation to keep making games. Android is the perfect platform to start quick so we hope you put it to good use, or just give it to your mom :) Food, drinks and snacks will be provided in unlimited quantities, just make sure to create the winning idea!

Rules to participate in the prize pool:

  • The project must be a game
  • Groups or teams can win a maximum of 3 prizes
  • Bring your own equipment for development
  • Projects must be developed on site, no code preparations!
    We'll be watching!
  • Judges are: Edi Budimilic, Nikolina Rebic, Bosko Knezevic

Winning criteria:

  • How ready it feels to be released,
    fully baked games get extra points!
  • Originality
  • Fun effect

Prize pool:
9x Android tablet
1x Special surprise

Date and location:
July 20th 2014 on Sunday at 9AM.
Address: Startup Rijeka inkubator (top floor), Ružićeva 14, Rijeka.
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Event is free and open for everyone who registers.
We have 24 seating positions in total (we may open more).

Event sponsors and partners:
Bouxtie Ltd.
Mikronis d.o.o.
City of Rijeka
LogIN d.o.o.
Nestlé Adriatic d.o.o.
Concero d.o.o.

08:00 - Doors open, coffee served
09:00 - Hacking starts
13:00 - Lots of pizza (every 2hrs)
18:00 - Judges review (team by team)
19:00 - Hacking deadline
19:20 - Presentations (casual ~3min. per team)
20:30 - Winners announcement
21:00 - Unofficial after party @ King's Caffe Pub