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2015-09-26 (Saturday) @ Startup Incubator, Rijeka, Croatia

We were full yet again and as expected with all the creatives at one place, the atmosphere was awesome. We had 8 teams/projects out of which we had games, mobile apps, websites and desktop apps. It was not easy to pick the best, everyone had a completed project and they were all great! That is why we decided to award everybody for their work, everybody won the Story Cubes game. We even tested the game on the after-party where stories went a bit let's just say "dirty". :)

Since everybody is a winner, here are the selected top few:

#1 Baggins

Team: Martina Vasilj, Sergey Varlamov
Prize: 2x R2D2 Projection clock, 2x RiCon tickets, 2x Story Cubes

Baggins shipping is a corporate website with an information about a shipping and service company with traditions with over several generations. Founded by proud ancestor of Baggings clan - Bilbo Baggings - it evolved over time to offer various services and more flexible rates. After departing from middle-earth, current Baggins CEO - Frodo Baggings contacted us with a request to represent his company services in today's internet. Following his requests we've prepared a landing page with relevant information and a shipping calculator which includes invaluable calculation of confrontation probability in dangerous lands of middle earth. The calculator allows you to take advantage over various outcomes during shipment of your goods and suggests most flexible rates for a given route and level of danger.

» Play Baggins!

#2 Ancient RiKon Maze

Team: Damir Hađić, Tina Radenović, Enrico Buić, Lukrecija Škorić
Prize: R2D2 Projection clock, 2x Chewbacca, 3x RiCon tickets, 4x Story Cubes game

Story of RiKon as an educational game in RPG style.

#3 Science Fiction News

Team: Mario Grbić
Prize: Chewbacca, RiCon ticket, Story Cubes game

Windows desktop and mobile app showing the latest news related to Science Fiction.

» Download Science Fiction News!

#3 Drinking is Coming

Team: Filip Stojanac, Damjan Marković, Luka Filipan, Valinea Vinger
Prize: 4x Story Cubes game, RiCon ticket

Drinking app with fantasy elements from Game of Thrones series.

» Download the Android version!

Timelaps video:


Original announcement

WhoHack and “3. zmaj” society join forces to bring you a literally fantastic hackathon!

The theme of this mini-hackathon is "fantasy", and it’s happening on Saturday, 26th of September 2015. You have 10 hours to accomplish your fantastic idea using programming and design skills. It can be anything that runs on any platform like a smartphone, desktop computer, game console or even the smartwatch for all we care (that would be cool though).

You can interpret the theme however you wish: create a game, a digital picture book, an RPG dice roller, an interactive map to the Middle-earth, Westeros or the Delta Quadrant, it's up to you and your imagination.

Best teams will be awarded with a surprise package full of geeky, tech goodies. We won’t spoil it, but let’s just say that the Force is strong in these...

Food, drinks and snacks will be provided in unlimited quantities, just make sure to create the winning idea!

Rules to participate in the prize pool:

  • The project must have a sci-fi or fantasy themed element
  • Groups or teams can win a maximum of 3 prizes
  • Bring your own equipment for development
  • Projects must be developed on site, no code preparations!
    We'll be watching!
  • Judges are: Dario Zoric, Edi Budimilic, Nela Dunato

Winning criteria:

  • Will be disclosed prior the event

Prize pool:

  • Come back soon to find out ;)

Date and location:

Event is free and open for everyone who registers.
We have 30 seating positions in total (we may open more).

Event sponsors and partners:
Studentski kulturni centar Rijeka
City of Rijeka

09:00 - Doors open, coffee served
10:00 - Hacking starts
13:00 - Lots of food (catering)
19:00 - Judges review (team by team)
20:00 - Hacking deadline
20:20 - Presentations (casual ~3min. per team)
21:30 - Winners announcement
22:00 - Unofficial after party @ Tunel