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WhoHack 2013

2013-11-23 & 24th @ Science & Technology Park Rijeka, Croatia

As a continuation of the mini-hackathon in October 2013, in cooperation with WhoAPI and the Science and Technology Park Step-Ri, with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, VIPNet and Netokracija, we held one of the largest regional two-day hackathon. WhoHack 2013 gathered more than 70 developers, hackers and generally individuals with lots of good ideas. With local and regional we also beyond all expectations had participants from the U.S., Ukraine, Russia, Nepal, Greece and Italy.

Science and Technology Park in Rijeka proved to be the perfect location for such an event. Unlike the latter, where the theme was the development of socially beneficial applications, this hackathon's emphasis was on any mobile (web or native) app. This was the first hackathon in Rijeka with the time limit of two full days, unlike earlier where the contestants had only ten hours to develop ideas / applications.

Coding is not something that would normally be fun to watch, but hackathon in the social sense was certainly much more than the usual office work day. It's interesting how developers take advantage of these events to meet, connect and develop new ideas, generally working outside of the comfort zone.

Before the winner selection and prize awarding, we also arranged a little surprise in the form of secret challenges. Two lucky winners would have to decode the binary text which at one point appeared on the screens and thus win valuable prizes (Sonorous wireless speaker and USB Stick Robot). The lucky winners were Dejan Hren and Darko Kukovec.

Dejan Hren Darko Kukovec

Four-member committee was constituted of Aaron Luffman, Edi Budimilic, Boris Golob and Marin Bezić. The main criteria for choosing the winners were design, originality, wow effect and user experience. Prize pool was a staggering $3000 of worth in gadgets. Individual award was provided by our sponsor VIPNet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10'.

Hackathon was concluded late Sunday afternoon with two minute pitching by previously selected top 20 teams and the proclamation of the winners.

Winning teams

#1 FindRide
Team: Pavel Denisjuk, Sven Al Hamad, Adrian Smijulj
Prize: 3x iPad Mini

FindRide is a mobile application which lets people find a ride to a desired destination, and at the same time share the trip costs with other passengers. It also enables them to pick most suitable companion by several criteria: music, smoking, talking and pets, which will make the trip more comfortable and maybe even fun.

#2 Andiamo
Team: Dino Budimilic, Tin Crnkovic, Melissa Perri
Prize: 3x Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Andiamo is the application for events with friends. Organize your friends into "Circles", so you can invite them all at once, and not have to select everyone individually. Create quick events, and set a minimum number of guests to make it happen. If enough people say "yes" to the event, it will go live and your friends will come. Otherwise everyone will be notified it's not happening. Every guest gets notified with a push notification, so the invitation doesn't get lost in the noise of other mediums like Facbeook, email, or Twitter.

#3 City Rally
Team: Alessio Moretto, Carlo Moretto, Emilian Pop, Marco Virgolin, Tagliapietra Danny
Prize: 3x Tablet Vivax TPC-7151

City Rally is a game about finding attractions and places of interest in a new city as fast as you can. The aim of the game is to find the places of which a photo is displayed by asking local people the way, eventually using some tips. The application can work in any place thanks to the use of Google Maps API.

Links: Google Play | Web

Special Sponsor Award by VIPNet

# Bill Optimizer
Team: Toni Kostelac
Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10'

A multi-mobile-platform utility that tracks the usage habits of the user and based on the usage data suggests how best to utilize the options that the mobile provider offers to reduce the phone bill.

People's Choice Award

# iShiatsu
Team: Simone D'Amico, Aleksandr Zykov, Pavel Cherkasov
Prize: 2x Sonorous Mobile Mini Speaker

A massage app that provides vibration, heat and music from multiple (up to 42) iPhones and can be controlled with Leap Motion gestures.

# Noah the Hero
Team: Marko Blažeković, Sanjin Celeski
Prize: 2x USB Memory Stick 8GB Robot

Game with a goal to save the animals from sinking Noah’s Ark.

Other Interesting Projects

# Covjece ne ljudi se / Don't worry be happy
Team: Ivan Rukavina, Ivan Lučin, Darko Kukovec, Krešimir Antolić

A post-apocalyptic 2+ player game that represents a battle for survival in the worst possible setting known to man. Seeing the horror that is represented through the game, the players will see the error of their ways and peacefully resolve any kind of conflict.

As you embark on the journey towards the salvation of your Peeps, make sure they all arrive safely to their humble home, because none are safe until all are safe! But beware, because other players want the same thing, and they’ll stop at nothing to stand in your way and in the way of your Peeps.

Links: Video presentation | Game | Source code

# NjamNjam
Team: Marin Huljev, Petar Kujundzic, Stanko Bajt, Marijan Martinovic

Native mobile app for local food ordering.

Links: Full presentation [PDF]

# On Air
Aron Balog, Vedran Mirković, Dario Zamlić, Ivana Lalin, Petar Živković

On Air is mobile application which is made to raise popularity of radio stations, specially between Youtube generation, and simplify the process of ordering songs on radio. It provides listeners to bring the station with them wherever they go, inside the app.

# MeGustaa
Team: Borna Beaković, Nina Jurčić, Dejan Hren

MeGustaa app provides unique and personalized urban experience by sharing the most relevant information about places and things around you.

Links: Full presentation [PDF]


Original announcement

Bring your idea to life whilst having fun, using any programming/design skills you have in 2 days or less. As the hackathon subject suggests, it must be something mobile and it's on you to use the technology you prefer. It can be HTML5 web app, native iOS, Android or even Windows Phone app. The best teams will have a chance to win great prizes. We'll have free food, snacks, drinks and most importantly coffee!

P.S. For those of you visiting us from afar, the program includes a free stay in the local hostel for two nights (23rd to 25th). Our treat!

Rules to participate in the prize pool:

  • The project must be mobile, web or native app
  • Group or team can contain any number of members
  • Each team member gets the prize if won, but up to 3 per team
  • Bring your own equipment for development
  • All competing projects must be developed on site, no preparations!
        We'll be watching!
  • Judges are:
        Luffman Aaron, Edi Budimilic, Marin Bezić, Boris Golob

Prize pool:
3x iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB
3x Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7')
1x Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (10')
3x Tablet Vivax TPC-7151
3x Mobile speakers Sonorous MINI SPEAKER
3x USB Memory Stick 8GB Robot

Winning criteria:

  • Readiness for release
        (bonus points for releasing it on the same day)
  • User experience & design
  • Originality
  • WOW effect
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10' goes to the best mobile (native or web) app that is in any way related to telecommunication services. Examples: Unlimited SMS sending app, voip communication, checking your usage/bills on a VIPNet network, etc.

Date and location:
November 23rd & 24th 2013 (the weekend)
Address: Science and Technology Park, Slavka Krautzeka 83a, Rijeka.
» Add to your Google Calendar
» Exact location
» Free parking garage accross the venue building

Once we verify you come from outside of the city, we'll send you further info regarding your free stay at:

Event is free and open for everyone who registers before Nov 16th.
We have 75 seating positions in total.

Event sponsors and partners:
U.S. Embassy Zagreb
VIPnet d.o.o.
Science and Technology Park Rijeka
WhoAPI Inc.

Agenda - Day 1:
09:00 - doors open, coffee served & mingling
10:00 - hack away
13:00 - lunch (lot's of pizza, continuously delivered in rounds of 20)
22:00 - end of day one - closing for the night

Agenda - Day 2:
09:00 - doors open, coffee served & hacking starts
13:00 - lunch (self-service)
15:30 - Review (judges interviewing each team before the pitch)
17:30 - 2min. presentations (20 selected projects) starts in Dev Room 1
20:00 - winner announcement
21:00 - unofficial after party at Caffe bar Karolina